View Full Version : Multiple Blackberries

04-29-2008, 07:01 AM
I currently own a 8700g, and am contemplating purchasing a Curve (my carrier is T-Mobile). Assuming the Curve is set up correctly on the network, would I be able to simply switch SIM cards in order to use each phone separately? Would both phones need data plans, or would I be able to use the one I currently have interchangably?


04-29-2008, 08:15 AM
You "could" use each phone separately, but it will take some effort each time:

1) Move the SIM Card
2) At the TMo BIS site, use the change device option and enter the PIN and IMEI each time you move.

Of course, that will not move messages and such back and forth.

After you move to the Curve, I doubt you will want to return to the 8700, though.

04-29-2008, 08:54 AM
...and/or go through Enterprise Activation each time you swap if you're on BES.