View Full Version : Lotus notes calendar Sync problem

05-29-2008, 09:39 AM
I couldn't configure the blackberry to sync with lotus notes calendar. When I click on the synchronization option, the lotus notes option is not enabled and I can't select this option. It used to work in my old computer...in the new computer I'm not able to select the lotus notes option. I don't have BES option, I'm just trying to simply sync my lotus notes with blackberry using USB cable

05-29-2008, 10:02 AM
When installing Desktop Manager, did you select BIS or BES...I believe you should stil select BES even if you're not using it because it gives you he option to select Outlook or Lotus Notes.

Hope this helps!

05-29-2008, 11:41 AM
I tried both options...same results. I couldn't select lotus notes option.

05-30-2008, 11:29 AM
What version of Lotus Notes client and Desktop Manager are you using?