View Full Version : Turning Data Off while outside the US

06-09-2008, 04:12 PM
I am an 8700c user with Cingular/ATT. I am from the US but now am in England, and the data plan is too expensive to use, but I want to keep my phone on. Cingular says to do this you do the following, but I can't get to the place on my device to do this...i simply don't have the screen they are talking about. They say:

Go to home screen, click options (i dont have that, only under "settings" which is not where they want me to go

Click Mobile Network

Turn Data Svc field OFF

But i have been thru it with them and i don't have these options. Any help out there? Does anyone know how to turn the data off but keep the phone working?

Thx in advance.

John Clark
06-09-2008, 04:18 PM
Menus and icons are different depending on the theme you use. Settings is another name for the same place. You should have a "Network" or "Mobile Network" option under Settings. Go in there. You should have a list of available mobile networks. At the top is a line that says "Data Services" "on". change it to "off."

That being said, not all 8700 OS's have this option. All 4.2 OS's have it but many of the 4.1 OS's did not.