View Full Version : Blackberry Repair shop in New York City

10-27-2008, 02:40 PM
I found a place that repairs BB's in Manhattan. I spotted them on Craigslist and almost gave up - they seem to have a non-English speaking intern handling the emails. After telling them they were throwing away potentially lucrative business to the professional and helpful www dot bbrepairshop dot com "BlackBerry Repair Shop" in Houston, I finally got a decent reply:

Thanks for the tip Lynette. We can definitely fix the 7130 track wheel. it's $50 to fix. We are located 148 west 32nd st between 6th and 7th ave. We are a computer /cell phone shop,no appointment needed. My name is Jacques but any of the sales representatives can assist you.Your business is important to us. I guarantee you'll be satisfied with our service. Store hours are Monday through Friday 10:30am -8pm and Saturday 11am-7pm.

Their email address is unlockandrepair@<hidden>

So I am heading down there with my 7130c with the busted scrollwheel. I'll report back - their other repairs were listed as between $10 and $25 I think - for some reason the 7130c costed double. But still cheaper than the $79.99 plus shipping offered by the place in Houston. Stand by ...

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