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10-31-2008, 03:45 PM
Hi all:
I bought a 8700G from T-Mobile on Ebay last month...I've unlocked the device with a great X-SIM card.
But...I travel a lot...the device works perfectly till some point. When I travel by car, the BB loses signal, and shows "Searching"... and i don't even have the arrows...
I'm using a Portuguese carrier, and it works fine, but my BB don't like to travel...The network tracking is on Manual...when i disconnect it, then turn it on and it changes the network...but still no signal.
But...the worst...my girlfriend uses her SIM...and works fine with her...but i've changed my SIM 2 times and i still have the same problem...
Is it mee? The network should be in automatic or Manual?
Please help me, because my mobile is not working for 12 hours and i need the phone all the time!