View Full Version : Apps work on one device, but not on other with same settings.

10-31-2008, 04:36 PM
I assume what is happening is that somehow one users profile is somehow defaulting certain apps/web-shortcuts to try to load through the blackberry browser instead of internet browser, and they're not working.

On my device, I load them up, and they're coming up with no issues. But one or two apps/web-shortcuts (Time, and Newsweek) start to load up a different way, and don't ever come up (when they load it comes up with "Verizon Wireless", and that it's loading . . . eventually errors out. When it works, on my device, it loads up and says "Blackberry", and it has no issues). I compared every setting, and with the exception of the users version of o/s software, everything is the same.

I think it's somehow defaulting to his old settings from when he had both a blackberry, as well as internet browser option on an older device.

I've resent the service books, resent the IT policy, and nothing changes.

Any ideas? Is there something in Desktop Manager that it's defaulting to after synching (didn't do a restore, just a synch).