View Full Version : 7130G and Opra Mini

11-10-2008, 07:11 PM
I just got my 7130g and I love it. i have a data plan (non BIS) and I see it says "edge" . I inputted my Apn, which is for unicel (apn.unicel.com) and i cannot use opra, it always tells me it cant connect to the network.

am i missing some other settings on the phone? what should i check?

thanks guys!!


**edit...Just and FYI, i used my friends Sim card in my BB, (he has BB service) to download Opera, Google maps and yahoo go) then put my sim card back in after.

stange thing to. when i turn on my phone, (like i just did) i see where it says edge, andy my green light is blinking, then after a few min, it goes away, no more edge, and green light...whats that about? on my old 8700c it was alwyas there..