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11-12-2008, 10:37 AM
I know this stuff is out there but the threads that come up from the search feature is blocked by WebSense at my work.

I have a BB 8820, on ATT, with BES package with tethered modem wi-fi/data package.

First question - Bluetooth: Trying to synch my laptop and BB via Bluetooth. I have a Dell Latitude D610, (its a work machine). Which is the bluetooth device that need the password? Meaning, when I bought my BT headset, I entered the plantronics earpiece password into my phone, do I need to enter the BB password into the laptop or the laptop password into BB? Is there a tutorial for dummies on how to set this up?

Second, also bluetooth related, can I use bluetooth connect with my laptop for a tethered modem? For example, when I'm on the train and I use my BB to connect my laptop to the internet, can I do this via bluetooth or does it have to be cabled?

Third, can I buy a BT radio card or device at home to synch my Dell Optiplex 745 PC to my BB?

Thanks for any replies, I'm usually pretty good with this stuff but new to bluetooth.

11-12-2008, 12:18 PM
I had an "oh shit" moment a few months ago when my BB broke and I couldn't tether it any more. So, I got tethering via Bluetooth working to get around it. So the short answer is, yes this works. However, I've found the connection to be more unstable and not as fast as using a real cable. But, it does work sufficiently enough for most purposes.

I also have a Dell laptop, so here's some quick tethering instructions:

turn on Bluetooth on device
launch Bluetooth Settings
Click New Connection
Choose Express Mode, Next
Make sure device is shown, click Next
Type any 4 digit number for PIN on device
Retype same PIN on computer
"Accept Connection" on device
Click Next, set up your connection as you would any normal BB dialup.

Don't know the answer to your sync question (get a BES).

Regarding your third question, I think you need to spend 30 seconds researching the answer. You can get a Bluetooth USB adapter for your desktop for under $10.

11-12-2008, 12:40 PM
Thanks vinn! I honestly had not even looked for a bluetooth adapter for my desktop and should have researched before asking.

As for linking the devices via BT, I didn't realize that I had to enter the same pin on both devices. Thank you again!