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11-15-2008, 01:28 PM
First of all I'd like to say hello all.

I have installed BES 4.1 on my windows 2003 server with exchange 2003 and I'm a convert to Blackberry just loving how stable it is. I used to use windows mobile 6 (WM6) and wireless active sync but I've never seen a WM6 device that doesn't need rebooting ever 3-4 days :razz:

I have just upgraded my 8800 to OS 4.5 and it's running sweet but I have 2 questions...

1. With WM6 I could sync all emails in my mailbox but BB can only sync emails after initial setup with BES. I don't have too much of a problem with this but when we roll this out at work I'm sure most users will complain about this.
I have read that if you update to OS 4.5 you can run a search on all emails even ones from before the date the device was setup. If this is true how do you do this?

2. When I try and log onto my Outlook web access via the browser I Get an error stating "Access denied: insecure SSL request" because my server is the certificate authority for the certificate. How do I get around this? Can I install certs on the BBerry?

I have run a search on the forum here for these questions as I'm sure the first quest must have been asked but I'm probably a noob and typing in the wrong search criteria