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11-16-2008, 02:16 AM
Hi folks,

Am using OS and BES; doing web browsing with Opera Mini. I want to be able to look at PDF files linked in pages I'm viewing with Opera Mini. I'd like to see more than just the text in the PDF. Can't stand the BlackBerry browser; MEdiaNet is even worse.

I have DocHawk, so emailed PDF attachments are covered. I have a trial version of RepliGo Reader. If I try to get a PDF link, Opera Mini gives me two buttons, "Save" and "Open". Selecting "Save" lets me navigate the device's memory (I don't have a card at this point). But the saved file is only 1 kB, independent of the real PDF's size. Unsurprisingly, RepliGo can't do anything with this.

Selecting "Open" in Opera Mini starts the BlackBerry browser which shows only the text of the PDF which is not much use at all.

I would like to download the PDF to either device memory or a card, and then open with RepliGo. Somehow this doesn't work. In reading the forums I have heard the advice "save the file and email it to yourself". Since I have DocHawk this would work, but the only place I seem to be able to save the PDF to is the message list. And I can't figure out how to send that file in the message list to myself.

Is there a sensible way of dealing with PDFs that are on web sites that preserves graphical information? I believe my OS is young enough to support the JSR-75 file system functions.

Many thanks for any pointers on this.