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12-25-2008, 10:48 AM
Hi. I just got my first Blackberry after more than ten years with Palm. Can anyone help walk me through installing Vlingo?

Ben Kelsen

Doctor Neutron
12-25-2008, 08:19 PM
First, lie to the downloader guy and say you want the 4.6 version. Download and install, OTA style. Do exactly what he tells you with the left side key. You will likely not be able to get through the initial setup, especially the step in which he is trying to record your command and he tells you the recording failed. (This, despite the fact that the House's Voice Notes Recorder works fine.)

Go into Options/Security Options/Applications Permissions/vlingo and edit Permissions: make sure Connections, Interactions, and User Data are all marked"Allow".

Gotta get through setup. I note that my House Voice Dialing still works.

Know this: many are starting to get the smell of vlingo with (75). Do not go back to (65). Keep beating on it and you will succeed !

This has gotta be the most significant app that Storm will eventually completely and comprehensively support, especially with all the HEAT that RIM and VERIZON are taking about their new virtual KYBDs. I predict vlingo will be the killer app for Storm !

Using vlingo with copy and paste, I was able to edit an existing text file with vlingo.

Be aware: this is a 4.6 app, so problems MAY arise - i just haven't seen any yet.

If these hints are not enough, do not hesitate to ask more questions.