View Full Version : Palm Desktop sync w/ BB 8110

02-05-2009, 02:51 PM
I see the solution to a similar issue but for Mac, so I'm hoping someone can help me. I just got the BB 8110 from AT&T yesterday, after my TREO 680 died. Luckily I synched with the Palm Desktop prior to death. I installed BDM and am unable to utilize the Switch Device Manager. Both devices are plugged into the PC but the area to choose the where to import from both choices are grayed out. I am running Vista on my PC. I appreciate any guidance.

02-05-2009, 03:41 PM
Can you sync the Palm Desktop with Outlook? If you can, then sync the BB with Outlook and you should be good to go. The Palm Desktop is not supported by RIM.

When I had my Treo's I got the Outlook conduit and always ran the sync to Outlook. Made everything much easier for me.

02-05-2009, 08:42 PM
Thanks for the help. I imported the Palm Desktop data to Outlook then synched to BB. Worked like a charm!