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02-08-2009, 09:13 AM
I know this subject has been covered many times and I followed all the threads and tried any possible setting and canīt get it right.

On my younger sonīs school there is strict no ring policy in class time, so in the past his old Nokia was programmed to only vibrate during the class period when either my wife, my older sons, sisters in law, etc should call him in case of a extreme emergency (as to avoid any wrong number ringing), and after the class finished, the restriction period would finish and the cell would start vibrate and ring but only from the family and friend contact list stored on the phone.

On his new 8330 Blackberry I set a special family profile which should only vibrate during class but my son allways forget to set it to vibrate and ring after class when is too noisy (Blackberrys doesnīt vibrate enough times as he would notice LOL) and he allways miss our last minute calls regarding any change of schedule for extracurricular activities, medical appointments, etc because he stays playing with his classmates.

I need to set the BB to reject without vibration and ring any wrong number not listed by him in his contact book and allow the listed numbers to allways vibrate but not ring during a specific time frame and change to a standard profile in a automated way the rest of the day.

Any tip would be deeply appreciated.

02-08-2009, 12:14 PM
There are some programs that can ALMOST automatically switch profiles on/off at specific times. The reason I said "ALMOST" is because if the phone is either locked or in a holster/case which engages its SLEEP MAGNET, the profile will NOT switch until the phone is pulled out. So this still necessitates the child making some effort. Toysoft's profile program is the one I use - it does have a longer vibrate to attempt to get your attention when it wants to switch profiles.