View Full Version : 7520 to 8310: What happened?

02-09-2009, 05:19 PM
Just switched from a 7520 to an 8310. I use a Bluetooth earpiece in the operating room to answer calls about patients. With the 7520, I could just press any key through my surgical gown to answer a call or click the "back" button to disconnect. I also had the option to auto-answer calls while in the holster.

With the 8310, it appears that there is no way to answer a call except to press the green "send" button and no way to cancel calls except to press the red "cancel" button. Since I can't see the phone through my gown, this is no longer an option. "Auto-answer" is also not an option in the 8310's OS. While in the holster, the phone doesn't seem to respond to pressing the buttons so I can't even turn the phone around backwards in the holster and try to hit the send button when a call comes in.

I could use the earbuds provided with the phone and press the button through my gown, but without an ear clip it won't say in place and I can't reach up and reposition it while operating. I may have to purchase a voice-activated Bluetooth headset.

I see a few other threads on this issue that have provided no useful solution (at least for my situation). Any suggestions / help would be greatly appreciated.


02-09-2009, 07:45 PM
I used to have a 7520, so I know exactly what you mean. For the most part I think the new design is better but does have drawbacks such as your situation.

Your bluetooth headset should allow you to answer, decline, and hang up calls all from buttons on the headset itself. I'd say this your best solution, so you never even have to touch the phone. If your headset doesn't support these options, there are hundreds out there that do, anywhere from $30-$100.