View Full Version : My positive experience with telus!

02-10-2009, 01:42 AM
I signed up a 2 year contract, got a pink curve 8330.
Paid $50.

Two Days later walked back into futureshop, exchanged it for a silver curve 8330.

Tonight after a week full of random reboots and problems, I walked in and said I would like to return this curve and get a different one, but before we go through with this process again, how much extra for a storm?

The lady (who was SMOOOOKING HOT, sorry I have a thing for asian girls) says "$50!".

Now I don't know what kind of glue she may have been on, I was prepared to bust out $200-400 for the phone, but when I heard $50, I nearly shat my pants. I stayed humble, didn't smile or act like it was a big deal, just incase it didn't go through I didn't want to burst the bubble of happiness.

She unlocks the cage, gives me the phone, and I go do my return, and pay. Sure enough, total comes out to $52.50. I paid and went HOLY ****!!!.

Get the esn swapped and I am on my way with a new storm, for a total of $100! On a TWO YEAR PLAN!!!

The downside? i've had to pull the battery 4 times in the 4 hours of owning it. :(

02-10-2009, 03:25 AM
I found Telus to be a very good company. I used them for Pay and Talk but not a contract so i'm not sure how they are in that department.