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10-22-2005, 04:39 PM
Hi -

I just upgraded from a Nextel i85s to Nextel BB 7100i. Still learning the ropes.

Is there a way to change the display of the call log or messages (which also display the calls in addition to my company email)?

Specifically I would like to see the contact's "Company" name on the line in addition to last name. Because the i85s only had one line in phonebook for Name, I would abbrev the company and follow with a first or last name. It was very convenient when call ID showed up (or the log) to display.

Now with the 7100 full capability address book, I can enter all the contact's data properly, e.g. Company name, First name, last name, etc. However, in the call log, what is displaying is the First and Last name, not the company.

I can go back to my old i85 trick of entering the Company and name in the last name field but that defeats the value of the full address book functionality.

Do any of you experienced users know of any tricks?

Thanks - ACM

John Clark
10-22-2005, 05:14 PM
Your 7100i has OS 4.1. My 7100t has 4.0.2. I'm assuming they are similar, but you may find slightly different menu options. I'm still waiting fror 4.1 for my 7100t. Everything is under options on the phone page. Go to your phone page, click the wheel, click "options". There are settings under "general options" for what the call log looks like. There are settings under "call logging" for what you want to show in the message list. If you set "show these call log types in message list" to "none" you shouldn't get call logs in your message list. Additionally, under "general options" you can change the "phone list view" to "call log", "name", "most used", and "most recent." As of yet there is no option that I know of to have the company name show up on the phone list unless they have added it for 4.1. I haven't heard of it, though.

12-12-2005, 07:26 AM
Quick question about my call log for missed calls; my 7100i will notify me of a missed call and ask if I'd like to view it. I press the wheel or <Enter> with "View" highlighted and come to my call log showing the yellow phone icon of an "unopened" entry of the missed call. Problem is, if I press the wheel or <Enter> to open the entry, the phone automatically calls back that number (if caller ID is present) instead of viewing. The only way I've been able to work around this is to click "View" initially, then the <Escape> button back to my home screen, and then by re-opening the call log screen, hit the wheel or <Enter> on the unopened missed call entry to view the details.

My 7100i is roughly 15 days old so I'm not exactly savvy just yet, but I can't seem to find an entry in the guides, or in threads here that address that issue.

Is this a quirk? Or something I can fix with making changes to whatever options there are?

12-12-2005, 08:16 AM
^^From the phone menu, all you can do is make calls. If you want to "view" the missed call like it were an email, you can go into your messages list and do so there, where you can also call that contact back as well....

To the original poster, there is no way to force the bb to display the company info on the recent calls list in your phone application. However, as already pointed out, this info is displayed if a missed call is viewed in the messaged app.

12-13-2005, 09:04 PM
Actually, I *don't* want to make a call from my missed call log :smile: Now that I think about it, I'm guessing this feature (that I'm complaining about) is designed for instant-always-on business "road warriors," but it's annoying to me.

Basically: If I don't answer a call or miss one, the dialog window comes up saying "You have 1 new missed call." with the button: <View> or <Close>.

If I click <View> with either my wheel or Enter button, that action brings me to my Messages folder, and this missed call entry is listed among other messages.

But at that moment, if I press my Enter button on the entry for that missed call (in yellow), it engages a return phone call to that number; or if I press my wheel, the menu appears that only gives me options to either MMS or call that missed number, or to call voicemail (among other options).

What I want is to click Enter or the wheel to have the option to <Open> that missed call entry in the Messages folder so that I can view all that caller's information without automatically calling them back.

BTW, I am able to do this if I instead press <Close> in the beginning and then return to the Messages folder to then Open the entry for the missed call.

If anyone can help with this, I'd love the help!