View Full Version : "Auto More" does not work all the time

02-25-2009, 07:54 PM
I currently have a user with a Verizon 8830 (OS version that his "auto more" on his device is not working properly. Sometimes it will download the enitre email (even if the email is larger than 2kb) other times it will not auto more at all. This issue happens with emails that have been sent and/or received from both the Outlook client or another Blackberry device.

We called Verizon to see if there's a more up to date OS that would take care of this issue but according to VZ, he's got the most current up to date OS. The work around is to resend him the service books but i'm having to do this at least twice per day. His device has been wiped and readded to the BES but that does not fix the issue.

Has anyone experienced this issue? any ideas?