View Full Version : Help switching from Nokia to 7280

10-24-2005, 03:06 PM
Work is donating a bunch of 7280s that we cycled out for 7290s. I wanna give one to a girlfriend who has a pay-as-you-go att plan because she likes how BBs look :) The BB is unlocked and recognized the SIM and phone number tied to it, but is SOS only. I was trying to read on provisioning Blackberries to a sim, but I'm not totally sure what that encompasses. Is this something I defeinitely have to do? The blackberries are still under our Cingular account, but aren't being used. Does this require me "releasing" the PIN/IMEI? (I read that while searching) I could easily do that as I have all the required account information. Any thoughts would be appriciated, this girl can't wait to have it 8-)