View Full Version : Transfering contacts/display fields issue

03-01-2009, 11:30 AM
New member - forgive me it this has been attended to before.

I don't get that on the BB desktop manager, data fields exist that are not displayed or accessible on my new 8330 Verizon curve. For instance, a field for "children" exists for the BB desktop but is not displayed on the hand held - or at least I can't find it.
I imported from Outlook into my curve about 6,000 contacts for which I have some unique fields related to my particular business, and I have squeezed some of this unique data into BB fields with names that don't relate to the actual data now in the field, but at least it shows up on the hand held when I open the given contact.
But, some BB fields (like children) and other BB fields that I squeezed data into don't show on the hand held, and I need that data when I travel. So that's where I'm now stuck. Any help would be most appreciated.

03-01-2009, 01:20 PM
Is children one of the sub-menus for each Outlook contact? I think BB choose not to include it because it would have meant including every single field on Outlook and that wouldn't be too practical. Instead it displays the most important fields such as numbers and addresses.

My advise would be to put any of the info you feel is relevant into the "notes" section of the contact file. That will get displayed on your BB.

When I made the switch over from Palm I had to work around with Excel to change fields and make sure my info got into the notes section.