View Full Version : how to send sms to addr list contact

03-15-2009, 08:28 AM
1. have an 8820 with latest OS version
2. am looking at my contacts (from Call from Address Book link) and select a name, Joe
3. when I press enter, BB asks me if I want to call home or mobile
4. I want to send a SMS Text message to the mobile but I can not

can't figure out how to do it this way as it always asks me which number I want to call

if I exit to Home Screen and then select Address Book, navigate down to Joe and select options, the Send SMS is displayed and it does not make me select number as it knows logically I want to use the mobile to send the SMS text

why can't I do that if I view my messages and jump to Call from addressbook?

03-15-2009, 10:22 AM
...and just to respond preemptively...before someone asks the question

what I mean about reviewing my messages is from hitting the left side quick button that allows me to toggle between call log and message log (sms and email is combined in the message log view)

while in message log/phone log, I select from options to call from address book and it brings up list of contacts, navigate to Joe and here is where I am unable to select send SMS as the only option is to just plain Call Joe, either home or mobile

the ONLY place I can select send SMS is to first goto home screeen, navigate to address book, then to Joe, now I can select from options Send SMS to Joe without having to select phone