View Full Version : Used 8830 Email and such

03-26-2009, 12:17 PM
I was lucky enough to be given my 8830WE by a coworker of my wife, I have been using it for a few months, have the newest 4.5 OS working, have GPS enabled and working with BBMaps, have everything functioning exactly as i want it to.

SOOOOOO, I was reading about the ability to set messages "sent from blackberry" as an example, and I had wondered if I could bring in Gmail to the BB Mail function, and started to try to set it up.

I get the message it already has an account associated with it, and that I would have to contact Verizon to get it cleared, walked into a Verizon store and they wanted to take it, wipe it and make it base level again (ARRRGGGH) as the only solution for fixing the problem (something about resetting the ESN).

Is this truly the only solution? I could have her harass him to see if remembers the account info, but I would not like to irk him (they work remotely and in different states) since he has a Storm now and is talking about passing in on soon (woo) or just do without rather than start all over and maybe not be as lucky this time.