View Full Version : 8830WE BES Subfolder Issue

03-26-2009, 05:06 PM
I have a user who is configured on the BES, she organizes her outlook with subfolders under her mailbox as opposed to the personal folders so she can view them on her blackberry. She setup a rule based on sender, so if 'megan' sent her an email it goes directly to the megan subfolder.

She received the 8830 a couple months ago, at this point she had about 10 subfolders in her outlook mailbox and after activating her blackberry, everything was successfully transferred to the device. Now, over time she created new subfolders in outlook, the folders appeared in the bb but not the messages. I resolved this by 'checking' the folders under the reconcile option.

Here's my problem, after checking those new subfolders on the bb, I assumed that all the missing emails would now be transferred to the blank subfolders on the blackberry BUT this is not happening, only new emails are being transferred. For example, a 'test' folder is full of messages within outlook but the blackberry only shows new messages in the 'test' subfolder, the ones that were sent AFTER I checked the blank subfolder box under 'reconcile'

Any advise on how to transfer the emails in the outlook subfolders over to the blackberry? the new ones are fine but I know she's going to want them all.

One more question, since the new subfolders were unchecked by default under the 'reconcile' option on the bb, is there a default setting to check them?

03-27-2009, 07:09 AM
Unless folder redirection is turned on for all the sub-folders they won't get pushed to the device. Only inbox (and I think sent items) are pushed to the device by default.

Also note: the BlackBerry will not store EVERY email that is in Outlook on the BlackBerry, You can do a search from inside the messages icon, make sure it's set to "remote" and search for what you want.