View Full Version : 8700g - Escape key issue

04-14-2009, 12:23 AM
Today, the escape key to my 8700g stopped working. I don't know whether its a software or hardware issue. I'm leaning toward hardware because it worked less and less over the past 2 days and now it is just unresponsive. I already tried taking the battery out as well...

04-14-2009, 06:56 AM
I have a very similar problem.

I bought a used handset last week off ebay that seemed to be working fine - scroll whell, escape key &c. I updated the OS via the desktop manager and turned it off.

Now, coming to set it up after the weekend, none of the keys (power, mute, escape, shortcut, and scroll wheel - but only the 'click' on the scroll wheel; the scroll function works fine) on the side/top of the unit work.

Any ideas?

04-18-2009, 12:58 PM
SofaKingA: It sounds like it is definitely a hardware issue on BB. If you think it is worth it, take it apart and make sure it is clean; if not the actual button may be broken, consider taking it to a BlackBerry repair shop or buying a new component from Horizon Wireless or another BlackBerry specialist.

Andrewer: Try a battery pull if you have not done so yet, if not also consider trying reinstalling the OS, it may need another chance to reinstall input drivers.

04-18-2009, 09:55 PM
You can send it to HorizonWirelessOnline.com - Horizon Wireless, The World’s Cellular Repair Center (http://www.horizonwirelessonline.com) for repair, great place.