View Full Version : Super imposing Active events

04-16-2009, 01:00 PM
Hi people, I have a a few questions regarding Blackberry device application specifically for Blackberry Storm. I am totally a newbie and could not find answer to these questions. I would really appreciate if someone could look into this and provide their valuable opinions. Here are the following points:

1. I am developing an application in which I need to super-impose the currently active event. I mean, say my device has received an email or a text message during a call, so would it be possible to display this message or email body on the screen even if the call is still active? I read it somewhere that super imposing a device event is not possible but I would still need a second opinion on this.

2. Now say the above mentioned actions are not possible then would it be possible to hold on to my arrived message so that it can be displayed immediately after the call is finished?

3. Is it possible to kill a currently active call forcibly?

I would be really grateful if someone could provide some insight on these issues. Also, if there is an example or a document in place, any information about them would be highly appreciated. Once again, thanks a ton in advance to all.

Thanks and Best Regards.