View Full Version : help 8703e os SLOW!

04-20-2009, 08:50 PM
My original verizon BB 8703e, stopped when it got damp finally. I forget which OS was on it, not very recent, and NOT 4.2.xx

The "replacement" i bought used, but nearly brand new looking, off a verizon network. Its OS was OLDER than whatever else i used to have, didnt have maps, couldnt do yahoo GO, no BB messenger etc.

Updated it, 40 minutes later, it has OS now, it looks VERY similar to my g/f blackberry curve phone thats 6 months old.

Problem is, the menus are damn slow! I mean i hit the rollerwheel to "ignore" a call and it answers it has such a bad delay.

same goes for dialing numbers, phone book info, options, menu scrolling and just hitting the side button to change from vibrate to loud or silent takes literally 1-2 seconds after i hit the button. Its driving me nuts.

Is there something i did wrong or another update? its 2-3x slower now with this OS than when i got it or my old BB.

04-20-2009, 08:53 PM
other thing is wont do.

when i go online on my PC or through the BB internet browser, it says that Yahoo GO is not available for my phone, how?

It was on my old phone for a year at least, and is on my g/f bb curve, wtf?