View Full Version : My BB is completely locked (error 205 and others)

04-24-2009, 09:47 AM

I have a huge problem with my BB 8820: yesterday, I uninstalled several unused applications and themes and made a reboot. Unfortunately, my BB went into the dreaded "error 205" mode (white screen with error message).

I tried every hint I found on the net and have probably reinstalled the firmware 10 times by now (even downgraded to 4.2) but it's no good - the BB keeps showing different errors (205, 507 and others) every time it's rebooted. The "best" result I accomplished so far was a half-broken OS started up with only text (no idea how that can happen - this also crashed and the device permanently went into error mode again). Of course, I have pulled the battery dozens of times and pressed ALT-right-SHIFT-DEL many times.

It's important to mention that I CAN install the OS, as this seems to be the main problem of many people experiencing this problem (one can force the BB Desktop Manager or the app loader to recognize the device by pulling out the battery, then connecting it), so my device IS recognized by my computer. It's just that reinstalling the OS has no effect at all.

Could anyone help me please? I'm seriously considering to throw this f...unny thing against a wall...

P.S.: Forget the data, at least I was clever enough to make a backup a few days ago and have a recent synchronisation with my Outlook ;).
P.P.S.: I got warranty left, but if there is ANY solution that I can do myself, I will try it because I'm stuck with a totally useless Nokia phone now (I really don't know how I survived with this thing before I got a BB).

04-25-2009, 03:48 AM
I just wanted to give an update:

I finally succeeded in downgrading my device to OS 4.2.2. This works perfectly, but an update to 4.5 still results in permanent error mode.

As I'm fine with OS 4.2, this is not really a problem for me (although I suspect there is something wrong with my device as 4.5 is not installable).

Just in case, here is what I did:
- Nuked the device with the freeware program "CrackMem" (button "Wipe" > type in "BrickMyBerry")
- Installed OS 4.2 on my PC
- Used the freeware program "BlackBerry Master Control Program" to install the OS

I'm not sure which of the two steps are really necessary, but as I did NOT have success when I just tried to downgrade using Desktop Manager or Application Loader, I highly suspect one or both of them had some positive effect.