View Full Version : Use BB 7100r as a modem for laptop

11-09-2005, 09:40 AM
I am trying to setup my BB as a modem for my laptop. I cannot find the modem drivers. They are not were they are supposed to be in the Research In Motion folder. Anyone know were I can download the drivers?



11-09-2005, 09:50 AM
ok although i have the 7105t i had the same problem couldnt find the stupid modem drivers what i did was installed teh new 4.1 desktop manager and they were there and if they dont appear try unistalling your desktop manager and reinstalling them and it should be appear sometimes thats what it takes

11-09-2005, 11:41 AM
I upgraded to DesktopV4.1 and still no modem drivers. Any suggestions?

11-10-2005, 11:36 AM
ok that happened to me the first time i installed the 4.1 nothing happen so i uninstalled it and then reinstall it and get back to me.....if not try reinstalling the 4.0 version again

11-11-2005, 09:16 AM
still no modem drivers after re-installing....