View Full Version : blackberry calendar wireless sync issue

04-30-2009, 08:48 AM

i did a search and couldn't find my exact issue, i am using a BES and blackberry 8350i. i currently do not have desktop manager installed and i'm synching everything wirelessly. i notice in my BB i have real funky issues with time and my calendar for instance one meeting i have in Outlook is from 9-12 EST yet on my BB it shows up as 6-7 EST. I've checked the time zone on the BES, the phone, wiped the device, checked CDO.DLL versions on my E2K7 server and BES. to no avail, it looks like all future meetings are going in correctly, just past meetings or reccurring meetings are messed up.

Is there anyway to just say "outlook wins" and force a calenday sync and for the BB to just resync the calendar wirelessly?

I'm pretty sure installing the desktop manager and resyncing manually will work but I do want to use just wireless sync as I am one person supporting 2 CCR clusters, 6,000 users, 2 edge, 2 CAS, 2 HUB servers an SCR that sends to our DR site in a remote location, BES for 500 users, OCS, backup for all our exchange stores and test restores. and frankly i don't have the time to install desktop manager on train users on it just to fix this issue.

please help so i don't have to bother my boss to pay for support...:wink: