View Full Version : Blackberry In Venezuela?

05-07-2009, 01:44 PM
Hi ill start by saying any help or information is greatly appreciated as i really need this to work.

On to my question/scenario... I had a blackberry which was previously attached to my account but is not being used anymore. I decided to lend this blackberry to a friend of mine whom i need to keep in constant contact with through bbm. This friend is going/is in Venezuela. I had called ATT and unlocked the blackberry with an unlock code they have provided.

Now my concern is will my friend be able to use another carriers (Digitel) service/sim in the Blackberry and use bbm. The digitel accnt already has the blackberry data plan attached to it. It seems like there should be no issue.

I have read about issues where the pin is registered under the carrier, but i have called my carrier(ATT) and either they have no idea what im talking about or are true in saying it shouldnt be registered once they unlock it.

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.