View Full Version : 8700c vs 7250 w/EVDO - Web Browsing King?

11-12-2005, 07:36 PM
I am very anxious to see which is a better web browsing experience. 8700c with a better screen or 7250 with faster data.

This assumes that we will see this 7250 update to support EVDO before the carriers figure out that we will pay to buy new handsets to get high speed.

Anyone have any guesses/opinions on which will be better?

Mark Rejhon
11-12-2005, 09:29 PM
For rendering complex webpages, 8700 with EDGE is much faster than the 7250 already, even though EDGE is not much faster than 1X.

It is currently expected that 8700 with EDGE will outperform in rendering a webpage on the fly a 7250 upgraded to EVDO, for the same reason that a 1.5 Ghz PC runs noticeably faster on a 1 megabit connection than a Pentium 500 Mhz PC original on a 5 megabit connection. -- The 7250, while fast, is currently CPU limited in its ability to render webpages. OTA application downloads or tethered on the 7250 would definitely be faster, but web browsing on the 8700 would be faster on complex webpages with lots of tables/graphics/JavaScript.

However, an 8700 for CDMA, or if the 7130 has the same CPU, I wuold bet EVDO would outperform the 8700.

However, latency is starting to become more of a bottleneck, when sites like cnn.com and msnbc.com load in just 10 seconds on an 8700. Since both EDGE and EVDO often have 2 second initial latencies before a webpage loads, there's a fixed investment of unavoidable latency. Also, some webpages are even still CPU bottlenecked on he 8700 (ones with LOTS of massive JavaScript) - JavaScript programs don't run as fast on a 300 Mhz cup as a desktop 3 Ghz CPU. EVDO versus EDGE ain't going to change the fact we're running on handheld CPU's (which haven't exceeded the gigahertz barrier in any released cellphone yet)

An apples to apples comparision would be two BlackBerries (EDGE vs EVDO) with the same CPU. In this case, EVDO would definitely be faster (although in many cases only marginally - if the webpage is using lots of JavaScript, so that a lot of the overhead is rendering rather than downloading).

Tethering and downloads (OTA) don't use much CPU, so it'll typically be bandwidth limited (EVDO on slower device would beat EDGE on faster device)