View Full Version : change smtp port for BIS

06-08-2009, 07:46 AM

We have 1 BB user with BIS. (yes, the boss ;-) )
Getting the mail from his work emailadres with the BB works fine.
We bought a hardware filter (virusses, spam, phishing,..) , which is placed between the firewall and the emailserver (a Sonicwall Email security 300).
This hardware tool won't let external users access their mail. Sonicwall suggest to use a second smtp port which directly goes to the emailserver, and not via the email security. I set up a second smtp port. This works fine, when i connect via an external pc/laptop through the new port to access my work emails , i get the mails.
Problem is , that i can't change the smtp port on the blackberry ! (you can see that it's set to 25, but can't change it

Does anyone have a suggestion ?

Kind regards.