View Full Version : blackberry storm calendar won't sync back to outlook 2007 wirelessly

06-17-2009, 08:26 AM
perhaps some one can help with this dilemma. i'm running a mail server with bes 4.1 and exchange 2003. the problem is when you input an event on the blackberry storm calendar it won't sync back to outlook 2007 wirelessly. the task, email, and contacts sync back wirelessly to outlook, just the calendar doesn't seem to. however, ms outlook does sync back to the blackberry's storm calendar, tasks, emails, etc.

i was fiddling around with the storm, thinking it had something to do with the phones configurations. i had read some post about the default services. the only options i see is the "desktop" option. by the way, what does "desktop" mean, is that the default account? I also made sure wireless sync was turned on for the calendar.

on the bes side of things. everything is set to bidirectional. should there be a pim for calendars?