View Full Version : Verizon 8330 Folder Re-direction Issues w/Exchange

06-17-2009, 10:03 AM
Hello all...ok, I'm about ready to pull my hair out on this one so some help from my fellow BES & Blackberry experts would be greatly appreciated...

I have a user who I had one of my BES Admins setup folder re-direction for on his inbox and one personal folder. We are an Exchange shop by the way. So this user has been very recently moved from a Treo Windows Mobile Device to a 8330 Curve.

He has an auto-generated (distribution list) system email that he receives multiple times thoughout the day. Do note the email has the same subject line and same sender each time. Upon receipt of this email he copies the email to this personal folder and then deletes the previous copy only leaving the newest copy or basically just one email remains in this folder at a time.

Well after enabling folder re-direction, the email that he copies to this folder automatically deletes and moves itself into his deleted items folder. So when he receives an updated system generated email to copy to this folder and delete the previous it's not there.

I have not been able to understand the reason why this is happening so of course after checking our Sync Policies on the BES everything is set correctly so I'm basically at a lost here. I've also done some testing and can not replicate the problem the user is having but it appears he is the "ONLY" user experiencing such an issue.

Any help on this one would be GREATLY APPRECIATED...

06-17-2009, 11:36 AM
When an e-mail is moved from the mailbox to a personal folder (PST) the blackberry treat that message as a deletion and removed from the device. I don't think the personal folders could sync OTA at all.