View Full Version : Error (16) with newly created user when assigning a device BlackBerry Exchange Server

06-17-2009, 10:27 AM
I have created a couple of new users on my exchange server and also configured them on the BES server (selected the users from the address book on the BES server). These new users are all there and their info looks the same as all of the other BES users. When I try to assign them a blackberry I get a message saying 'an error occured while assigning the device to the user. The user is not yet known to the blackberry agent. This initialization may take several minutes. This message is still on the screen after an hour. I have tried removing and re assigning a new user but it still fails.. Is there something basic that I am missing. This is the first new use that I have put onto the system, but I have addigned existing users with new devices.