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12-08-2005, 02:13 PM
I have been using my 7100t for over a year, and I love my BB!

I need help getting the CSD service setup on my BB through tmobile U.S., so I can fax out using the BB with my laptop.

and now my contribution....=-)

I fax about 1500 times a month, and receive even more, usually at least 10 pages per fax, sometimes 100s! I needed a solution to help me out and be cost effective. If your in the same boat like me you have got to check these guys out. www.faxaway.com (http://www.faxaway.com) !! (y)

It cost me $10 to get setup and I get charged $1.00 a month for unlimited faxes incomming to my number and forwarded to my BB as an email attachment. The attachment is a .tiff file so no additional software for any computer needing to load the file or my BB!

Upgrading my OS on my BB allows me to zoom in and elarge the area for clear, clean reading of my faxes. The best part is I can skip from one page to the next.

You can also look at your faxes on their website, and set it up for Voicemails as well. NEATO! 8-)

Tips and Tricks:

Large faxes take forever to load on you BB OTA, so you might want to wait to look at these on a pc. 1 pagers load in about a minute!

If you use it for outgoing you can do it straight from your BB, but here's where your bill gets higher! :razz:

03-13-2006, 06:27 PM
For some reason, the faxaway server is getting the emails from my Nextel 7520 as html and is rejecting them. Did you setup something special with your blackberry or is there a setting I can change to ensure that faxaway is going to interpret my either composed or forwarded emails correctly?

I'm on Mailstreet BES, in case you are wondering. Anybody have this problem. The company claims to have a lot of blackberry users, but has no clue on how I need to fix my end to make this work.

Thanks in advance,