View Full Version : Wireless Activation not working

12-08-2005, 04:20 PM
Hi all, I have installed BES 4.0 on a seperate server 2003 (Exchange 2003 is on a diff 2003 server). I have tried to follow as close as I can the installation guide. I have installed Exchange 2003 sys manager on my BES as well as MDAC 2.8. I created a user with a mailbox and created the permissions it asks (logon locally, logon as service, local admin, view only Administrator and mailbox store send as, receive as) Three things I am unsure of are: It states NOT to install Outlook on the BES, then what is the correct way to get MAPI running? DO I have to install this cdo.dll hot fix? I have confirmed it is in my \Exchsrvr\BIN\ directory..It says that I have to give this service account (that I created) read/write access to the database..how is this done? I then logged onto the system as this newly created account and installed BES. I have ran many test and it seems to work. I can send an email to the users exchange account to confirm it works. I am trying to activate this user wirelessly, I get the "initializing" on the user properties and I read that it will say this untill the BB user activates it. The user never does receive the activation, it just sits there waiting? Is there a way to confirm all is well? Is there any other install/admin guides other than Blackberry's?