View Full Version : 7290 Service at the CASA

12-09-2005, 10:58 AM
Spoke with Cingular this morning regarding phone service at my casa, actually Lack of service-bars. The service rep said I should call back when at home and discuss my issue with techs to see if they can give me access to the other towers (ATT I Assume). I previously had an unlocked Nokia that would find the best network and worked well at the house. This discussion was prompted when I inquired on the length of my contract left (Feb 2006) and she asked me why I was asking, so I told her of my daily demise at the house.

Question - can they give me access to the "other towers", there is one within 300 yards of my house? What other options do I have?

Just for grins I also asked to have them unlock my phone...Answer "No one here can do that!" hmmmm

Thanks in advance for any help as to the direction I should go or any input.