View Full Version : Activation Issues when moving from 7100v to 7100t

Frankie McG
12-12-2005, 04:22 PM

I along with a work colleague have been assigned a task to move across all our company's Blackberry 7100v handheld's to 7100t. On the whole, it's going fine, but we are getting some problem with the Enterprise Activation Process which I was wondering if anyone else has come across :

1)The Enterprise Activation Process just "hangs", usually around the 88% completed stage. It has happened twice, once with Desktop Manager V4 (we upgrade from V3) and once with the Wireless Synchronisation Process. On both occassions we had to let them "run their course" e.g. advised the user to take the Blackberry home with him for the wireless synchronisation and the other left connected to the desktop in the office overnight. Both started to pick up emails but I was wondering if there's a solution to this as this is not ideal.

2)Is there an time limit on passwords when you setup a new user on the BES for wireless synchronisation? We had one case where the synchronisation process timed out with the standard please contact your IT Administrator. The BES Administratior removed and readded the user with the same password and it worked fine - I originally notified them 4 days in advance.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately due to size of the company I work for, our BES is located in Canada while I'm in the UK. They have BES V4.0 (with SP2 or 3 I think).

Frankie McG.