View Full Version : Blackberry 7290 screen problem

12-14-2005, 12:22 PM
I just started using the Blackberry 7290 (T-Mobile) a few days ago. Everything seems to be working fine except when the phone is in the holster and I pull out the device to answer a call the screen in blank and the red LED light is on. After about two seconds the hour glass appears and a few seconds later the call appears. Whether I click answer or ignore the phone goes back to the home screen and indicates that it is searching for the network which is strange because how would I receive a call if there was no service. This issue only happens when the device is in the holster. I called T-Mobile and they had me upgrade my software and do a reset. The only issue they could think of was maybe I had a corrupt file in my address book and when the phone searched for the name and number the phone would lock up. Has any BB owners out there have the same problem? Does any one know how to fix this?