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12-14-2005, 06:40 PM
OK so here goes, sorry if this comes accross confusing! I would really appreciate any advice from all the experts here on this.

I use my BB 99% of the time getting my work email from our BES server.

I also have a personal email account I would like to be able to send/receive on the same BB device. I've not done this before and have just spent the last hour messing with this to get it working.

What I have done is the following:

1) Signed up for an @<hidden> email account.
2) Set my domain email forwarding to send my email to my @<hidden> inbox (this way I can let GooglMail do the spam filtering)
3) Configured GoogleMail to forward mail meeting a criteria (to avoid any spam that slips through) to my @<hidden> inbox.
4) This finally ends up being delivered to my device.

Question are:

a) Does this look like an acceptable configuration, i.e not too many hops?
b) How do I only view my work email or only my personal email on the BB rather than seeing them both in the same screen?
c) When creating a new email on the BB, how to I tell it which account to use to send the mail via? e.g. if I want to send a personal mail from my personal account, is it simply a matter of telling the device to use "Web Client" rather than default?
d) When replying to a message, I don't see the option to change which account I'm sending the reply using. Will it use the account the message I'm replying to was received in, or is it using Default (i.e. BES).
e) I've setup the @<hidden> account to change the sent from address so it appears as if it is coming from my own domain, is this the address used when people reply to my personal emails?
f) Do you now have a headache from reading this?!! :???:

12-14-2005, 06:59 PM
a) Best way to tell is to see how long it takes to get your email. It is a few hops but it might be sufficient for you. If your personal account doesn't already have spam filtering then I think you've done a pretty good job.
b) Not sure you can do this. If you scroll up into the headers you can see what service (desktop or web client) the email was delivered through.
c) Scroll up into the headers. You can select by going to the "Send Using" field and selecting desktop (BES) or web client (BWC).
d) It will reply via the account the mail was delivered to. You should be able to select which one you're responding via.
e) Yup -- you changed this via the Email Accounts link on the main BWC page, right (or through Profile->Other Email Accounts)?

You might need to go to Profile in BWC and click Send Service Book if you can't select Web Client when composing or replying to email.

12-14-2005, 07:09 PM
Great thanks. Messages are coming through in about 8 seconds, definately quick enough for me!

I can send new mail using the web client, but I can't force on a reply which account to use. Not sure that is really an issue anyway, why would I get a work email and reply using my personal email and vice versa !

Also, I think I found a way to just view the personal emails or just view the work ones, in the messages screen bring up the menu and click on "View Folder" in the list I can select the inbox on my BES account or the inbox on the Web Client mailbox. This then only shows me the appropriate messages.

Therefore I think I'm all sorted! So no need to resend the service book, unless you still recommend that? I don't want to break it now it works!