View Full Version : I would like to use only Desktop Redirector

08-03-2010, 06:02 PM
I had A BES Express. I can't use it anymore. I want to be able to use the Desktop Redirector but even after unistalling BES and Desktop Redirector it keeps on trying to connect to the BES server -- whcih of course, it nevre happens.

I am now out of email on my BB.

I am still using Exchange Server and Outlook and I want to use my BB 8900 with the Desktop Redirector (I dont mind having the system always up and Outlook open, etc.)

I need help, Please! I am leaving out of town in a day and I need that setup

PS: Long story on why I am not using BES anymore, suffice to say I can't atm and want to use only "regular" Desktop Redirector.