View Full Version : Tethering with Torch, on Bell via DM

11-30-2010, 11:13 PM
OK, I am looking for an answer to a question, that not even Bell tech support seems to be able to answer for me. I am interested in tethering my Blackberry torch to my laptop, using Desktop Manager (V According to some of the reviews of the "tether" program, this is an available option. Now here is the question, will this incur extra charges for me? I have the unlimited data plan, but when I asked an unrelated question of the "tether" people, their response included the fact that tethering with DM alone, will likely cost me additional charges. I phoned customer service for Bell, and asked about this, and they could not give me a definitive answer. Part of the problem was the person barely spoke english, could not understand what I was talking about, and basically was clueless. All I could get was that if I went over my data limit, (but I have unlimited data) I would be charged per mb, and that tethering may be extra. I don't want a " may be" answer. This is not about roaming, or anything else. The "tether" people say if I buy their software, I won't get charged, but I want to find out if the DM solution will save me spending $50, for something that BB DM does for nothing. Can anyone tell me for sure?