View Full Version : Anybody ever tried one of these "skin tight" cases?

01-25-2006, 08:38 AM
something like this:
Rubberized case (http://www.blackberrysource.com/store/catalog.asp?item=199)

Actually, I've got a 7130e... just looking at what may be on the horizon for it. this looked interesting...


01-25-2006, 08:55 AM
If you do a search you will find several posts about the skin tight case, infact I believe they are an advertiser on this very site.

Here are the resxults of a search:
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01-25-2006, 09:06 AM
I see them now... thanks...

01-26-2006, 10:45 AM
Love mine, it's great!

01-26-2006, 12:25 PM
...and it sucked. The screen cover popped out constantly. I'm now with 8700 and a Fortte "Flip Style"

01-26-2006, 12:44 PM
True, the supplied screen cover doesn't work too well. I use one of the clear adhesive screen protectors instead. What I like about the skin is that it doesn't add much bulk to the blackberry making it easy to slip in my pocket.

01-27-2006, 12:42 PM
i bought one in smoke grey for my 7100g, its horrible it collects alot of dust and things like that and its ugly! i used it for like a day , 30 bucks down the drain if you ask me

01-28-2006, 02:21 PM
mines great too!

i agree that the screen cover can be a pain, especially since the screen cover isn't scratch resistant or anything. then again, better a scratched screen cover than a scratched screen...