View Full Version : T-Mobile MDA vs 8700c/g

01-25-2006, 02:48 PM
Since its taking a while for the 8700g to come out for all us t-mob people, and T-mobile is coming out with their own device the MDA...

what are some people's thoughts.
its hard to find much information other than the tech specs of the device.

how good is the OS and how nice are email functions in relationship to the 8700 (or BBs in general).

btw-- does anyone know how you type emails on the SDA..is it handwriting recognition or a T9 variant?

I love the 8700, but the keys on the device feel a little strange to me after trying previous BBs...

01-26-2006, 11:56 PM
bumpy bumpu

01-27-2006, 01:39 AM
The SDA would most likely be T9 variant.

As far as the MDA; I used to have a regular PDA that ran Windows Mobile; I didn't really like it to much, It did alot of things... you could play movies, listen to music, etc but it never really did anything well.

Personaly (from the looks of it, of course I haven't tried this one yet) the keyboard does look quite uncomfortable and the unit itself looks very large. One other thing I have had a problem with concerning Windows Mobile devices is the battery life; they generaly run faster cpu's but if you continually use it you won't get much more than laptop life. I used to get about 4hr straight battery life, so it would barely make it trough the day after 3hr of lexture classes and a few personal emails to be sent once I docked the device at home. It never really crashed much though, which was quite suprising.

I'd wait and get the BlackBerry myself, it's alot more productive. The Windows Mobile devices can do more, but they don't do it very well. What the BlackBerry does, it does well and you get the little extra things; like the BlackBerry knows when you have it in the holster, and the screen auto adjusts for the light (8700 models). I have never seen a Windows Mobile device do that.