View Full Version : Syncing Reoccuring Appointments, etc.. in MS Outlook

01-25-2006, 08:17 PM
Why when I delete an occurance of an event in Outlook, it still appears in my calendar after I sync my bb? For example I have all of my bill due dates in Outlook, so when my credit card bill was due on 1/10/06 I paid and deleted the occurance only in Outlook (not the series) but after syncing my bb it still shows in the monthly agenda/calendar.

Is this a known issue? Can it be resolved?


01-26-2006, 07:48 PM
Well if anyone has this problem in the future I answered my own question. For some reason when you delete and occurance of an appointment of any type on Outlook and sync it will not delete the occurance from the BB, however if you delete the occurance from your BB 1st and then sync, the occurance will delete from Outlook.

So in order to fix my problem since I have reoccuring appointments that started back in 2004 is change the reoccurance to "today" for all of the appointments and then sync, this deletes all of the previous occurances and just keeps the ones from today and occurances into the future. A bit of a pain in the a$$ since I have so many but it all worked out. I believe the BB cannot detect some of the info so it takes the original date of the occurance and adds the information past, present and future.

Anyway hopefully thats understanable and helps someone. Time for a drink!

07-31-2007, 10:37 AM
This appears to be the same issue we are having. Except instead of deleting an appointment, we are trying to make updates to a particular occurance. When we try to update one occurance of a particaular reoccuring event, the Outlook calendar looks great; however, the event looks like a duplicate on the Blackberry calendar. One is the original reoccuring event, and the next one is a seperate event showing the change made to that occurance. It is a bit of a confusion at first, but so far we have not found a workaround. Is this normal, or does anyone have a fix for this problem? :x