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01-29-2006, 11:54 PM
Hi all,
I have a 7100t, and have some issues. First, despite the fact I have never dropped it, the upper right corner has a crack on it. It can't be felt, but it irritates me, as I have concerns about dust and foreign debris getting inside my handset. Will this be an issue?
I have a very nice upgrade coming to me, and am tempted by the 7105t; my friend has it, and the screen is MUCH clearer than the 7100t. Now, I have a lot of info I don't want to lose. I do indeed know how to back up my handset info, but have concerns about transferring it to a possible new/different handset. I've consulted the online help menus, as well as a aftermarket Blackberry manual, and find no mention of how to do this.
Would I merely connect my new handset via my USB to the Desktop Manager, and download my info?
When typing text.. (I have several logins for my job, and save them on my 7100T. ) Being as they are case sensitive, I need to have them correct. When typing into my login memo I have saved, the first letter is in uppercase. How do I change it to lowercase?
Thanks in advance...

01-30-2006, 12:00 AM
Loading data shouldnt be a problem. Just plug it up and roll. You can change case by alt or shift key.

01-30-2006, 12:02 AM
Since I started using a BES I've changed BBs three times and carriers once. Each time I made sure I had all my settings to wireless sync (the only one being obviously optional is the password manager)... and then when I connected the new device to my Desktop Manager (of course after making sure new handheld software and manager updates were installed) it just asked me if I wanted to use the new device (identified by PIN). And at that point BES syncronization started and all my mail, calendar, etc. and lots of settings came right over the air. Call logs, etc.

There is also an 'advanced' backup/restore feature where you can select specific things to take over if you're having trouble. Especially things not done via a BES generally.

About your uppercase/lowercase question (if that's actually a question)... it the alt and scroll back to the letter using the wheel. Hit backspace and re-insert it. It won't autocorrect again. If you keep running into autocorrect then make sure you manually alt-scroll away from the letter after changing it. Some situations corrects again if you don't manually scroll away. -Pk

01-30-2006, 01:39 AM
Thank you both...:) I corrected the spellings for my passcodes..and they held..I would suppose that, the scuttle about 7100 series not being as sturdy, case-wise, is very true. I have just ordered a aluminum case for my BB. While yes, I do back-up my data on a weekly basis, if it broke, I'd go through withdrawl... :cry: *LOL* I may have inadvertantly bumped it or, it my be a weak spot on the handset.