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03-05-2006, 02:31 PM
I am using the address from Verison to forward my outlook mail to. Then when I send it on, even after using a "friendly name," it's still showing in the headers as my verizon blackberry address. How do I get that to NOT show up and ONLY show my friendly name?

Also, I installed the software, but I can't find the redirector software. Where is that at?

Finally, I installed the application loader, but it errors and tells me there is no software for my device found on my system. What does that mean?

Finally, is there a way to move my folders from Outlook 2003 to my BB HH? I'd like to have the same view on my BB HH as I have on Outlook 2003.

I'm looking for a quick answer, so PM me if someone is willing to call me.


03-05-2006, 02:40 PM
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Change the send using field to the address you want to use. As far as app loader all is well. You just don't have any apps to install on your system.

03-05-2006, 03:05 PM
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Change the send using field to the address you want to use. As far as app loader all is well. You just don't have any apps to install on your system.

Good suggestion, but I did that. I entered the address that I wanted others to see; however, it shows that address AND the Blackberry address in the header line. I need to get the vrz.blackberry.net portion out of there.

How can I do that?

Redirector seemed to solve that---figured out how to use it. However, I can't leave my PC on all the time and a BES server is not an option.

I don't want to, but will exchange my mail help in some way?

03-05-2006, 07:03 PM
I think I have it figured out so it only shows the address I want it to in the SENT line---including the header.

However, now I can't send email from my BB handheld to any other account than my company email. If I send it to a Yahoo account, it never shows up.

Here's the message I get in my company email when I do this:

FW: RIM_bca28a80-e9c0-11d1-87fe-00600811c6a2

This message is used to carry data between the BlackBerry Handheld and an associated server. Please do not delete, move or respond to this message - it will be processed by the server.

ENDETP 2057404417

What have I done wrong? I've waited over 2 hours and nothing shows up. If I send from BB's website, it goes INSTANTLY to the Yahoo account. If I do it from my HH, it never shows up. What am I doing wrong?

03-05-2006, 08:17 PM
Man, I just keep rambling on here, don't I?

I tried using BIS and I'm not sure it's any better than the redirector and here's why: I run a VPN to get into my company and then use Outlook 2003 for email. I run a rule in Outlook to forward email to my verizon blackberry accounts. I then have that address show as being my company email for a reply. That all sounds good, but I can't get it to work unless Outlook is open and running so that the rule runs.

Would a service like manage my mail work for that? Or, am I missing something that I can do to alleviate this while I am on the road and have my laptop with me?


03-05-2006, 09:32 PM
Well, either people don't want to deal with a newbie, or my questions are difficult. I'm going with the former of the two.

I think I've determined that I need to have a computer running all the time to make this thing work due to what I outlined above. I have an old laptop around the house. I wonder if I could install outlook and VPN and have it run constantly to pick up my mail while I have the BB and my company laptop with me?

Thoughts? Sorry for so many darn posts...

03-06-2006, 12:38 PM
Right now you are stuck in limbo between the redirector and BIS. If you look under options and check your service books you probably have a couple of different sets, one set for BIS and the other for the redirector. - That is one of your problems

Yes you are correct that you need to have a computer on AND logged in order for the redirector to function correctly. I have used a VPN solution before and it worked OK but it was a end point to end point VPN, so it was much more stable. Be careful if you go that direction that your VPN client or server doesn't have a time out period or you won't be getting your mail when it disconnects.

To solve your first problem, you need to decide what service you would like to use whether BIS or the redirector. Both can be used if you want to access different email accounts but until you are confortable and have at least one of them working stay away from using both. If BIS is your choice then make sure to delete the service books relating to the redirector service, at the moment your BB is probably pretty confused as to which service it should be using to send outgoing mail.

Is that enough to at least get you started?

03-07-2006, 09:56 PM
I took it back. The fact that I can't get my mail unless my laptop is on with Outlook and my VPN running isn't acceptable. I take my laptop with me when I travel during the day to link up at WiFi spots and get work done on application on the machine.

No BB for me until my company supports more licenses on the server that they use for upper management's BB's.