View Full Version : Is this a known bug...?

03-07-2006, 04:47 AM
Because I've search everywhere for this...I have a 7100i and i went into the options folder to shut the blinking LED coverage off and now all of a sudden the radio stops working. I get absolutley nothing, just X. I tried turning wireless ON(it says "turn wireless off"), even though it is indicating that its on. It says "wireless turning on...please wait" and I get nothing. I did a master radio reset and I get nothing. I even went as far as to wipe the whole OS, and still nothing! Not to mention how many times I've removed the battery, even restarting with different settings such as the LED coverage off/on etc. My next option is to call Nextel and have them reset it. This is really bugging me, I hope someone can help!

03-07-2006, 05:11 AM
Sounds likea bit of faulty hardware to me.