View Full Version : 7100t & 7105t Handheld default settings

03-08-2006, 04:03 PM
Is there a way to change basic handheld default settings when activating wirelessly to the BES? I've been inside and out through all the IT Policy options, and the stuff I'm refering too isn't included as options.

Types of default settings I'm refering too include:

Settings: Browser: Browser instead of BlackBerry Browser
Email Settings: Hide Filed Messages: YES
Email Reconciliation: Delete on: Mailbox & Handheld (instead of just Mailbox)
Date/Time: Central (instead of GMT)
...and others.

The reason I'm asking is that our company has about 50 permanently assigned units, with about half of those outside our local area. And another 10 units that we "check out" to short term users (trips, vacation, etc.). If I had a way to change these, my life would be much simpler. As it stands now, I am forced to talk individual users (I use the term "user" very loosly) through a dramatic series of setting changes when we have to reload wirelessly or what not.

(Tried this question on the BES forum with no luck.)