View Full Version : question about 7750

09-04-2004, 10:07 PM
I had a quick question about 7750 thinking about purchasing one, I have read complaints about speed, my question is how slow is it, unbearable? I have used a 950 and 957 , does it equate to that, I have been into my local verizon stores but they only have dummy one out, I guess Im looking for a bare bones assesment of it, I would not be using many apps on it with the exception of email and organizer functions, thanks in advance!

09-04-2004, 10:43 PM
Unbearable might be an unfair observation but BB 7750 (CDMA) device is considerably slower then other devices. Out of the box CDMA devices have 2MB less in memory, the chip set of the CDMA units also has to do with the slower performance. If the BB 7750 does appeal to you consider porting your number to ATT or Cingular and take a look at the BB 7780 which is a GSM/GPRS unit or TMo which offers the BB 7730.